Principal Author

Nicole Cardinal

Contributing Authors

John Romano
Claudia Villalona
Ellery Wong

Copy Editor

Faye Leone


Getoar Agushi (Scalegate)

Advisory Group:

The drafting of this SDG16+ Civil Society Toolkit has been supported by guidance from the SDG16+ Toolkit Advisory Group composed of a diverse set of experts and stakeholders – all of whom have worked extensively around issues of SDG16+ planning, implementation, follow-up and review. The TAP Network is grateful for the contributions from these organizations and their representatives, including:

●  Tor Hodenfield – CIVICUS
●   Arelys Bellorini – World Vision
●   Patrick Bwire – Center for Conflict Resolution
     (CECORE)/Global Partnership for the Prevention
     of Armed Conflict
●  Rachel Aicher – International Legal Foundation
●  Tola Winjobi – Civil Society Coalition for Sustainable
●  Charlie Martial Ngounou – AfroLeadership
●  Zia ur Rehman – Pakistan Development Alliance
●  Rochelle Dean – Candid Concepts Development

Case Study Contributors:

●  Palestinian Consultative Staff for Developing
     NGOs (PCS)
●  Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and
     Communication (BNNRC)
●  Article 19
●  Civil Society Coalition on Sustainable
     Development (Nigeria)
●  Namati
●  Open Society Foundations (OSF)
●  Somaliland Civil Society SDG16+ Coalition
●  Saferworld
●  International Legal Foundation
●  Together 2030
●  36 Policy Forum
●  Integrity Action
●  Transparency International
●  Centre for Law and Democracy
●  Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation

Finally, the drafting of this Toolkit was also supported by extensive consultations with Members and Partners of the TAP Network. We are also grateful for the inputs and insights from TAP’s membership, and all others who provided their insights throughout the drafting process from 2020 to 2021.